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New Library

My school recently had its soft opening for its new media center/library. It’s most impressive and more than doubles our previous space. We are now a 5A-size school, and our former library was designed for a 2A school.

Our librarian weeded out many old nonfiction books before the big move, and students have noticed. “Where did all the books go, Mr. Stephenson?” they have asked me. I support our librarian’s decision to weed. She cut books about computer repair from the 1980s and craft projects that have not been checked out in 10 years.

Check out a 1-minute video tour and some pics below. I’m experimenting with my iPhone, which I used to record the video and take the photographs.








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2 thoughts on “New Library

  1. It’s gorgeous. While I feel for those books that were cut, I’m sure your library needed an updated computer repair book since computers have come a long way. : )

    • Thanks so much! Our librarian worked very hard to pull it off for us. Cafe 641 (the number corresponds to coffee in the Dewey Decimal system) will start operating next school year. Right now our librarian is taking applications for every hour of the day.

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