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There’s writing a book review, and then there’s saying one in front of a room of twenty-eight sixteen-year-olds. Over the course of eight years of teaching, I don’t know how many book talks I’ve given. I’ve tried to learn a balance of giving just enough plot and characters to hook readers. And since it’s 2013…

I’ve created my first audio book review using a cool, free app called Audioboo. By creating an account, users can create multiple sound files of up to 3 minutes. Right now, I’ve only made two boos. (Yes, that’s what they’re called. Fun, right?)

My dream is to get my students to create Audioboos as well. Then I’ll convert the websites of the Boos to QR codes and post them inside the books. I know that students almost always listen to one another for good books before they’ll listen to me. Imagine a student opening a book and finding three different opinions about it from three current and former students! Since most of my students have smart phones, they can just plug in some ear buds, scan the code, and listen to a quick review. I think this idea holds a lot of promise!

For now I’m posting my first audio review on my classroom door.


Do you use Audioboo or something similar in your classroom? What about QR codes?

Shout out to Wes Fryer and EdCampOKC for sharing Audioboo with me.

If the embedded Audioboo player is not showing up below, you’re likely using an iOS device. Just click on the following link instead to hear me talk about The Walking Dead, Volumes 1-4.



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